Jade Veale, a professional photographer graduated with a merit from Plymouth College of Art with her Masters Degree in September of 2019. As a photographer, an artist it is important to understand photography from both a commercial and art / fine art perspective - my undergraduate degree was focused on commercial photography ranging from products to fashion. Jade centred her postgraduate Masters Degree looking at personal history, science, apartheid, colonialism and racism; from a fine art perspective. Coupling the skills and knowledge of commercial and art based photography gives her work a carefully considered and executed aesthetic.

Jade is an internationally recognised photographer, producing work in exotic locations such as Bali, and photographing London fashion week and film premieres. In 2016 Jade produced work for an internationally recognised health food brand inSpiral to add to her list of clients.

Jade's work ranges from events and portraits to products and fashion shoots. Jade’s services also include videography, and graphic design.

Currently located in the picturesque South West of the UK (Cornwall)

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How it all started: 

I started to take an interest in Photography in about 2011, which was around the time when I was about to take Photography as a GCSE, my Grandmother bought me a 5mp camcorder. I would take it out with me and just shoot photographs at any random object, it's safe to say I was very trigger happy. 

My first camera was gifted to my by my parents on my 15th Birthday. I knew when I held my Fujifilm Bridge camera I was meant to be a photographer. I began my first steps in photography training and studies at an adult education centre, shortly after my birthday. From there I progressed to college and continued my studies; completing my BTEC Diploma with a Distinction.


I decided that it was time for me to expand on my knowledge, skills and love for photography. After receiving unconditional offers to study at London Metropolitan University (1st and 2nd year) and the University of West London (3rd year), I began BA Photography degree, graduating with first and second class honours to my name. 


After studying photography from a commercial background, I decided that I would like to expand my skillset and knowledge into fine art photography. I again received an unconditional offer to study at Plymouth College of Art and embarked on my artistic journey on my Masters Degree. My art practice focused on looking at my life as a form of art, delving into subjects that are close and personal to my life but also a wider audience - which enabled others to connect to my project. 

Covering subjects such as; personal history, science, apartheid, colonialism and racism. For more information please view the projects section. 

I graduated with a merit in September of 2019. 


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- Qualifications - 

Masters Degree in Photography 2019


- BA (Hons) Photography 2018

Foundation Degree in Photography 2017

Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Photography 2015

- Bronze Arts Award in Film - 2014
- NCFE- Level 1 Certificate in Photography - 2014

NCFE Award in Image Manipulation. - 2013


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