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This segment of my project showcases the representation of personal identity from a wider the perspective. For this collaborative element of the project I asked a selection of people to submit their interpretation of what identity means to them, expressed in an artistic format for example: paintings, photographs, videos, interviews and pieces of writing.


The reasoning behind exhibiting this project in the format of a website is so that it is fully accessible to the public.

It also enables viewers to submit their take on identity towards this ongoing project. 


An audio of identity - Jade Veale
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The purpose of this recording was to capture the essence of South African identity and culture in an audio format

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"I’m a born artist, I’m blessed to have a career where I can express myself daily.

Being a tattoo artist is not a job for me but it’s my passion.

I put my heart in soul into every piece and that’s why my shop name is Art & Soul Tattoos.

My zodiac sign is Cancer and my ruling planet is the moon, which I’m totally obsessed with.

That’s why I have a moon tattoo on my throat and sometimes but a crescent moon in my tattoos"



"I think what makes up a personal identity is everybody is different, everybody has their own mind, their own way of presenting themselves. What makes up a personal identity is obviously how you were raised and also what you do in your life growing up. So, what makes a person a person, I look at myself and I’ve been through quite a bit in my life that has changed me I’ve had my three kids which also changed me dramatically, you kind of grow up a little bit.

But what makes up a personal identity is who you are inside, who you believe who you are, and if you believe in yourself then everyone else will too. So I believe that a person’s personal identity is up to themselves and how they present themselves, how they go after life. I think everybody is different and everybody has their own way of doing things. But what’s made up my personal identity is, I don’t know I’m me and I know who I am, I believe in myself and I think that makes me a very strong person."


Young Africa: Upbringing, Identity and Generation Y

"Drawing on culture, heritage and family, by touching on the idea of cultural dress and its acceptability in society within the UK. My images discusses the assimilation of Black society for the various Black women who's heritage lies with the Countries of Africa. This classification allowed me to create a connection and understanding of language used as part of their upbringing. This photographic anthropological study of African women mainly focuses on the boundaries of the UK social culture and how it has imposed on the Social culture of the African in terms of dress, upbringing, identity and self discovery in relation to Generation Y. "




"Personal identity to me means living life through determination. Having a disability makes me more determined to achieve my goals and push myself further. I enjoy exploring my personal identity through my camera and through my business as a freelance photographer. I am a bubbly outgoing woman who always has a smile on her face. My life experience has added to my personal identity and allowed me to be the strong woman I am today."




What does identity mean to you? 
"I would say that identity means what makes up a person's sense of self - for me that's being a project manager, being a feminist, being eco-friendly and plant based, as well as being a country-dwelling Londoner"


Do you feel that moving from your home country of Australia to the UK has had a shift in your identity? If so how?
"I don't think that moving countries was the actual catalyst for any changes that have happened in my personality, but as a result of moving I've found myself in a new city, with initially no friends, and initially no job, but then settling into a new job and new flat in south Lon, then more recently into my country home... these factors have definitely shaped who I feel I am"


As an Australian, what would you say the main characteristics of the Australian nation are? 

"Beer, footy, singlets and thongs (shoes), fair go, hard work, mateship, fear/judgement of "others", binge drinking, aggression, racism towards/hatred of first nations people's/"black gangs"/"pakki's"/anyone that's not white"


"Identity to me is who you are and what makes you different from other people , your personality ,looks,beliefs ..this all forms part of you and your identity . There is only one you no one else has the same fingerprint and personality as you what does personality mean to me 

It means that there is only one Robyn and there will never be another person that is exactly the same as me!"


"Identity means to me a precious gift been given and a sence of meaning & purpose."

I was feeling inspired to stop and think on life and wonderings

Purpose to this is not just being engaged but knowing it's about commitment and love

Because holding love in your hands is worth holding onto


"Identity means when a person is defined by their beliefs and their strengths and weaknesses. How they are"


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