Video Gallery 

Video Gallery 

Velodrome Cycling Experience 2016

Cedar, is well known for being obsessive about bikes, so for those that know them well it’s no surprise that they hired the Lee Valley Olympic Velodrome for a third year, sending like-minded CFOs, FDs and finance leaders from some of the UK’s leading businesses hurtling around the track.


- Bereshith ~ Genesis - 


For this project I have used excerpts of the sacred Ancient Hebrew Pictographic texts from the book of Genesis. The text records the account of the seven days of creation. My interpretation of the text will be shown through a sequence of images.


The sequence of images are taken in a photographic studio andinclude the use of low key images. The subject matter ranges from portraiture to still life. 

Free Fallin'


Contributes to the music video:

Director / Camera operator:

- Jade Veale. -


Assistant camera operator and director: 

- Jessy Veale. -

Song played by and video edited by:

- Darryl Syms. -


 © Jade Veale Photography and Darryl Syms. 


The video may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without the written permission of Jade Thomas


Plymouth - Britians Ocean City?


I took part in filming, directing, editing and producing this documentary film. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the production of this film! I met some amazing people along the journey.


To view more short clips please view the Truth About Youth Vimeo page


©Jade Veale Photography 2020